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Father charged in domestic violence cannot see daughters

Living under one roof can sometimes spawn tensions that reach a breaking point. While it is understandable for many couples to disagree from time to time, it is critical to keep anger at bay because failing to do so could have extremely serious consequences in light of the fact that New York does not tread lightly in situations where there are allegations of domestic violence or spousal abuse.

A mother of two young girls that worked in the Bronx as a public defender passed away last week when she was taken off of life support following a fight with her husband. The lead up in the explosive fight remains unknown, but responders found the woman in cardiac arrest after her husband allegedly strangled her.

She was transported for medical treatment, and the husband was initially charged with second-degree attempted murder and first-degree strangulation. However, when the wife died, the husband's charges were upgraded to second-degree murder and first-degree strangulation, both of which are felony offenses.

While the outcome of this case, meaning any subsequent verdict and punishment, remains to be seen, there are more immediate consequences beyond the death of the defendant's wife. The couple's two children are currently in the care of their mother's sister and their maternal grandmother.

The defendant has been order to not come into contact with either party. Domestic violence charges and convictions play a very serious and condemning role in aspects of family law as well. Beyond the punishment that a convicted individual will face from a criminal court, a family law court can strip a parent of their parental rights in instances of domestic violence.

Felony offense convictions in relation to domestic violence will also mean that an individual cannot possess a firearm and may have difficulty securing employment. If an individual in the Bronx finds that they are facing domestic violence charges, it is critical to defend against them in pursuit of the best outcome, particularly in instances where children are involved.

Source: lohud.com, "Sleepy Hollow man accused of strangling wife face upgraded charges," Erik Shillilng, Jan. 14, 2013

  • For more information about defending against charges of a similar nature, please refer to our Bronx domestic violence page.

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