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Man allegedly used counterfeit money at New York State Fair

According to officials, an Albany man allegedly handed 17 counterfeit $20 bills to multiple vendors at the New York State Fair on Aug. 23. The man was taken into police custody and is facing multiple criminal charges including misdemeanor criminal possession of a controlled substance and felony first-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument.

According to the state Division of Corrections and Community Supervision, the defendant is on parole for two prior convictions for felony drug charges. The defendant is also facing charges for violating his parole. He is reportedly being held without bail at the Onondaga County Justice Center following his arraignment. He has a hearing scheduled for Sept. 3.

Woman charged with drug possession doing well in treatment

A New York student who was charged with possession of cocaine appeared in court on Aug. 19 for a progress report for her substance abuse treatment. According the statement, the woman was taken into custody in February while the authorities were investigating whether her neighbor had sold drugs to Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Authorities were reportedly searching their Mott Street building during their investigation of the man who lived next door, whom they believed had sold Hoffman the heroin that contributed to his death. The neighbor was accused of having 300 bags of heroine in his possession, but he was ultimately not charged for the death of the actor. However, the woman and her boyfriend at the time were both accused of possessing drugs.

3 accused of manufacturing meth after raid

A police raid of a New York home on Aug. 13 resulted in the three occupants of the residence being charged with numerous drug crimes. Officials from a Drug Enforcement Administration task force executed the search warrant in Cicero after an investigation by the DEA, the county District Attorney's Office and New York state police officers.

According to authorities, the month-long drug crime investigation was centered around methamphetamine sale and manufacturing. The home was allegedly found to contain an active methamphetamine lab along with several ingredients involved in the production of methamphetamine. In addition to 6 ounces of methamphetamine, authorities seized unknown quantities of cocaine and ketamine.

Man receives drug charges for anxiety medication

New York State Police say that a man was found to be in possession of several controlled substances when they stopped him in Milton. After a search of his vehicle allegedly led police to discover the drugs, the 31-year-old Broadalbin man was charged with two counts of misdemeanor drug possession. He was issued tickets to appear at Milton Town Court before being transferred to Troy because of an outstanding warrant.

The incident began when police officers stopped the accused man's car on Middleline Road. When the man was asked to present his driver's license, police allegedly discovered that his license was suspended, and there was a warrant out for his arrest.

New York police claim man in traffic stop had 500 bags of heroin

Three people were charged for various drug offenses after a traffic stop in North Elba on Aug. 5. The 24-year-old female driver and a 31-year-old male passenger of the vehicle were detained, and all three occupants of the vehicle were accused of possessing marijuana, crack-cocaine and a digital scale. According to the New York State Police, the third passenger, a 23-year-old male, had 500 bags of heroin in his possession.

The man received several drug possession charges following the stop, including unlawful possession of marijuana, third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and second-degree criminal use of drug paraphernalia; he was also charged for false personation. The two other occupants of the vehicle were both charged with multiple possession charges and second-degree criminal use of drug paraphernalia. Additionally, the driver of the vehicle received citations for an unsafe lane change and an obstructed license plate.

Implications of police brutality in New York

Police brutality has become a significant concern, especially in the aftermath of a video clip posted on July 17. The video shows officers of the New York Police Department using an apparent chokehold to restrain a 350-pound man after he was accused of the illegal sale of cigarettes. The man's death shortly after the incident was determined to be a homicide.

Civil rights activists have become enraged over this incident, particularly as the decedent was a black man whose minor crime was reportedly addressed with deadly force. As the police department deals with the need to address the actions of its officers, the mayor of New York City is assuring citizens of a full investigation of the case. According to reports, the chokehold was prohibited in New York beginning in 1993. However, chokehold incidents have continued to be reported since that time. More than 1,000 allegations of use of the method were made between 2009 and 2013. Of nine cases that were recommended for administrative trial, the officers involved only received light sanctions or no discipline. In the current case, the police commissioner has indicated that the action viewed on the video looks like a chokehold.

Fatal New York accident leads to vehicular homicide charge

Authorities in New York say alcohol consumption contributed to a fatal accident in Henrietta on July 26. A 25-year-old woman has been taken into custody by the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. Her bail has been set at $50,000 bond or $25,000 cash. In addition to DWI, the woman has been charged with aggravated vehicular homicide.

According to a police representative, the woman's vehicle struck the victim's oncoming vehicle when the defendant crossed the centerline in an apparent attempt to pass other traffic. Witnesses say the defendant's car was being driven in an erratic manner and at a high rate of speed immediately prior to the collision. They are said to have given officers a description of a vehicle matching the one driven by the woman.

Man charged for overdose death at Electric Zoo festival

A 23-year-old man has been accused of providing the drugs that killed a concertgoer at the Electric Zoo festival in New York City. Prosecutors say the accused man was selling MDMA pills to partiers on Randall's Island during the Labor Day weekend festival last summer. One customer who allegedly bought 80 pills from the man for himself and friends later collapsed from a seizure and died of acute intoxication.

On July 30 of this year, the accused man was brought to a Manhattan court and charged with one count of distributing narcotics and one count of conspiring to distribute narcotics. The drug crime charges could result in a sentence of up to 40 years behind bars. A 20-year-old Rhode Island woman also died from an overdose of MDMA at the same festival.

New York man detained on drug charges after traffic stop

After a Saranac Lake driver was stopped for allegedly speeding, he was detained when police reportedly found hypodermic needles and 41 bags containing heroin in his possession. The traffic stop occurred on the evening of July 22 in North Elba.

New York State Police say they detained the 28-year-old man and charged him with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third degree, which is a Class B felony. Authorities did not disclose the exact amount of heroin that was contained in the 41 bags.

Man accused of robbing a woman at fake gunpoint

A 29-year-old man was accused of robbing a woman at her Bronx apartment after binding her hands and feet with duct tape on July 25. The incident took place in Bedford Park sometime during the evening while the woman had been walking into her apartment. The man is now facing several criminal charges that include harassment, robbery and unlawful imprisonment.

According to what the woman told her building superintendent, the accused man pushed her onto her bed, restrained her with duct tape, held a fake gun to her head and threatened to kill her. Once she was restrained, the man allegedly stole money, jewelry and a cellphone. When the man fled, the woman reportedly ran to the window and alerted bystanders.

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