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Dina Lohan DWI case in New York comes to an end with sentencing

It's been one of the most highly publicized court proceedings in recent months -- New York celebrity Dina Lohan's arrest for DWI. The mother of actress Lindsay Lohan has now been sentenced following her plea of guilty to aggravated DWI. She will spend no time in jail.

These proceedings date back to an encounter with police in Sept. 2013. At that time, she was stopped by law enforcement authorities for speeding. She was given a Breathalyzer test and failed. After her arrest, she explained that she had sped up because she was trying to get away from paparazzi. There was no report of anyone suffering injuries in connection with the incident.

New York man charged with drug crime that includes smuggling

Every drug crime charge is a unique situation, and many are quite complex. That's one of the reasons they need to be thoroughly investigated. For instance, a recent accusation of a drug crime out of New York shows how many elements there can be to a charge.

In this particular case, the New York man has been accused of using bedding meant for kids as a front to smuggle drugs from out of the country to the states. Officials allege that he would have drugs, including oxycodone and cocaine, placed into the bedding sent to a daycare center in the Bronx. The daycare is located in the house of a member of the accused's family.

New York coach faces assault charge after rape allegation

Being charged with any crime, let alone an assault crime, can be devastating for any New York resident. People look at you differently when you have been charged or convicted with such crimes. When a person is charged with a major crime such as rape or assault, it is always important to know what rights one has. One man has recently been charged with the sexual assault crime of rape.

The man charged with the assault was a former coach for the crew team at a New York high school. Two girls claim that the former coach allegedly raped them. The girls were both underage minors at the time that the alleged sexual assault occurred.

Running from troopers leaves men facing drug crime charges

Although it's never a good idea to run from police, it can be a normal emotional reaction to a sudden arrest. As two men from New York discovered, running away led them to face more serious drug crime charges than they might have faced otherwise. However, it's important to recognize that more investigating needs to be undertaken before this drug crime case proceeds through the criminal justice system.

The incident happened on a Friday night. New York officers stopped the two men for a traffic violation while they were driving. During the traffic stop, the police stated that the two men -- driver and passenger -- were uncooperative. It it was not reported in what manner the car occupants were thought to be uncooperative.

Woman allegedly stole $90K from employer, faces larceny charges

Larceny comes in many degrees. States, including New York, outline the laws regarding larceny and determine the statutes, penalties and sentencing. Grand larceny typically carries the gravest penalties, including a prison term or a hefty fine. These are possibilities one woman in Queens may be facing after being charged with grand larceny.

A 44-year-old woman was working for an electrical maintenance company in Atlantic Beach. She allegedly took more than 20 checks from the ledger of the company and placed them into what appears to be a personal account. She reportedly stole roughly $90,000 from the company from the time she began depositing checks in July 2013 until Jan. 2014.

Sentencing for New York DUI case -- 90 days in jail

Sometimes, good people make bad choices that result in irreversible consequences. Choosing to operate a vehicle after using alcohol and illegal substances could result in a DUI charge and/or a serious accident that affects the lives of other people. A New York motorist was recently sentenced for his involvement in a fatal DUI accident where he hit a pedestrian while driving after using drugs and alcohol.

The man who was drunk driving was originally charged with leaving the scene of an accident, negligent homicide and manslaughter. A jury acquitted the driver of the more serious charges. Court records indicate that his sentencing hearing was postponed multiple times, and when completed, he was given a moderate and minimized ruling. He will serve 3 months in jail in conjunction with a program for drug and alcohol abuse for the tragic accident that took the life of a man crossing the street.

New York man faces drug possession and related charges

When faced with drug possession and other drug-related charges, it's critical to understand that the time for focusing on preparing a defense starts ticking as soon as the charges are made, and sometimes even before. The sooner that the facts can be reviewed and assessed in conjunction with the offenses charged, the more opportunity the accused has to be ready to present a meaningful drug possession defense. In New York, one man is likely engaged in this process after his recent arrest.

The man, who is in his 30s, was charged by the New York State Police after they reportedly found him at a gas station. Authorities say that he was in possession of controlled substances and stolen property. They also claim that he set fire to a vehicle while at the gas station.

Dog bite impetus for New York drug crime charges against man

Man's best friend certainly doesn't apply in the case of a New York man who was bitten by an angry canine. Not only did he end up with wounds on his hands, but he also is now facing drug crime charges. It's adding insult to injury, and will be one drug crime case that's going to have to be very thoroughly investigated to gather all the evidence.

What is already known is that the man and a friend traveled to a nearby hospital one afternoon to get treated for dog bites. When the staff at the medical facility asked questions regarding the apparent dog attack incident, the men allegedly provided conflicting reports about how it happened. Eventually, the staff became suspicious, but it is not known if they contact the authorities.

Ex NYPD officer facing DWI, resisting arrest charges

New York drivers who fail to comply with traffic laws may have to face the consequences. When an ex-police officer allegedly tried to evade police officers, he was charged with DWI and a number of other serious offenses. The man was one of the notorious corrupt NYPD officers, called the "Dirty 30," who served a year in jail in 1995 on extortion charges. The recent arrest occurred in the Town of Fishkill on St. Patrick's Day.

The MTA reported that an alarmed motorist stopped one of its officers to report the alleged dangerous driving of another driver, said to be in a red pickup. Authorities say they subsequently located the vehicle, and it was waiting to turn onto Interstate 84 west. The driver allegedly failed to comply with the officer's instruction to turn the vehicle's ignition off. The officer claims that he reached inside the vehicle, but the driver began driving away. Reportedly, the officer's sleeve was caught in the vehicle's door, and he says that he sought to free himself by smashing the vehicle's window with his baton.

Sour note: New York music teacher facing criminal charges

A music teacher from New York may now have to face some unpleasant music of her own. She is facing criminal charges after authorities have claimed that she stole school property in order to obtain money for drugs. She is being charged with grand theft in addition to alleged drug offenses.

The woman, who held a teaching position in a district south of Rochester, was detained during a routine traffic violation. The officer conducting the stop noticed a large musical instrument in the rear passenger seat. However, it was not reported as to why the presence of an instrument in a music instructor's vehicle would arouse suspicion.

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