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Man accused of robbing convenience store

On the morning of Sept. 12, a New York man was taken into custody after allegedly committing an armed robbery at a convenience store in Binghamton. Authorities in Broome County received a report about the incident shortly after 1:30 a.m. Detectives were able to locate the accused man, and they reportedly interrogated him about the event.

Police say money from a cash register was taken from the Hess gas station on Glenwood Avenue. The alleged robber was described as a male who was seen wearing black gloves and a red bandanna. The man was also believed to be carrying a handgun when he allegedly took the cash and fled the gas station on foot. Reports did not indicate whether the man is facing additional charges or if he has a previous criminal record.

3 charged with drug crimes following home search in New York

On Sept. 10, a 22-year-old New York man was taken into police custody on suspicion of hiding 23 bags of crack cocaine in his body. According to the report, the man was accused of selling crack cocaine on Aug. 26 to another individual at the intersection of Charles and Treadwell avenues.

On Sept. 10, the authorities executed a search warrant at the man's home. Inside, they claimed that they recovered 42 bags of crack cocaine from the man's bedroom closet. Additionally, the authorities reportedly seized more bags of crack cocaine from a bookcase in the home's living room. Objects described as drug paraphernalia, including empty bags and a scale, were also taken from kitchen cabinets.

2 detained in New York on heroin drug charges

Authorities say that they confiscated heroin estimated to be worth $10,500 and detained two people on Sept. 3 near Syracuse. The seizure and detainment occurred after local and federal officials targeted a vehicle that was traveling north on Interstate 81 in Onondaga County.

Law enforcement agencies say that they are investigating a heroin epidemic across Central New York as the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Strike Force. Following a long investigation, authorities targeted a vehicle carrying a 22-year-old woman and 34-year-old man, both of whom are New Jersey residents. While searching the vehicle, officials allegedly found 31.5 grams of heroin.

Drug task force detains 2 in heroin bust

A 22-year-old woman and a 34-year-old man are facing drug charges after a Sept. 2 traffic stop in LaFayette, authorities stated. Reportedly, the Interstate 81 traffic stop was the result of a long-term investigation led by the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Strike Force. The task force is comprised of both local and federal officials and aims to thwart the 'heroin pipelines" that are behind the 'heroin epidemic" in Central New York, according to authorities.

Authorities allegedly recovered 31.5 grams of heroin from the vehicle in which the 22-year-old woman and 34-year-old man were traveling north, toward Syracuse. Officials detained the two individuals and charged them with, among other offenses, felony possession of a controlled substance. According to authorities, the confiscated heroin is worth more than $10,000.

New York man accused of assault using a hammer

A New York man was taken into police custody on Aug. 25 after he and an unidentified accomplice were accused of beating another person on Aug. 23. According to the report, the man was charged with assault, fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon and second-degree harassment.

It was not stated how or why the alleged beating occurred. It appeared that the person who was beaten was struck on the head with a hammer. The two accused individuals then allegedly used their fists to strike the injured person in the face and body. A baby stroller was also allegedly used to inflict damage to the injured person's face and body. As a result, the person reportedly suffered severe lacerations to the head, which required staples, a skull fracture and cuts to the face that required stitches to close.

Police seek man in sneaker store robbery

New York police were searching for a man they believe robbed a sneaker store on Aug. 15 in the Bronx. The robber was wearing a mask at the time of the robbery, which reportedly occurred around 10 a.m.

The individual who allegedly robbed the store had a gun and demanded that the owner fill the bag with cash. According to police, the owner put $100 into the bag before grabbing the gun from the individual.

Man allegedly used counterfeit money at New York State Fair

According to officials, an Albany man allegedly handed 17 counterfeit $20 bills to multiple vendors at the New York State Fair on Aug. 23. The man was taken into police custody and is facing multiple criminal charges including misdemeanor criminal possession of a controlled substance and felony first-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument.

According to the state Division of Corrections and Community Supervision, the defendant is on parole for two prior convictions for felony drug charges. The defendant is also facing charges for violating his parole. He is reportedly being held without bail at the Onondaga County Justice Center following his arraignment. He has a hearing scheduled for Sept. 3.

Woman charged with drug possession doing well in treatment

A New York student who was charged with possession of cocaine appeared in court on Aug. 19 for a progress report for her substance abuse treatment. According the statement, the woman was taken into custody in February while the authorities were investigating whether her neighbor had sold drugs to Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Authorities were reportedly searching their Mott Street building during their investigation of the man who lived next door, whom they believed had sold Hoffman the heroin that contributed to his death. The neighbor was accused of having 300 bags of heroine in his possession, but he was ultimately not charged for the death of the actor. However, the woman and her boyfriend at the time were both accused of possessing drugs.

3 accused of manufacturing meth after raid

A police raid of a New York home on Aug. 13 resulted in the three occupants of the residence being charged with numerous drug crimes. Officials from a Drug Enforcement Administration task force executed the search warrant in Cicero after an investigation by the DEA, the county District Attorney's Office and New York state police officers.

According to authorities, the month-long drug crime investigation was centered around methamphetamine sale and manufacturing. The home was allegedly found to contain an active methamphetamine lab along with several ingredients involved in the production of methamphetamine. In addition to 6 ounces of methamphetamine, authorities seized unknown quantities of cocaine and ketamine.

Man receives drug charges for anxiety medication

New York State Police say that a man was found to be in possession of several controlled substances when they stopped him in Milton. After a search of his vehicle allegedly led police to discover the drugs, the 31-year-old Broadalbin man was charged with two counts of misdemeanor drug possession. He was issued tickets to appear at Milton Town Court before being transferred to Troy because of an outstanding warrant.

The incident began when police officers stopped the accused man's car on Middleline Road. When the man was asked to present his driver's license, police allegedly discovered that his license was suspended, and there was a warrant out for his arrest.

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